jonghyun: 4676 says, “during the middle of class, our homeroom teacher suddenly paused and told us, ‘thank you for being healthy and sitting here learning,’ and for a moment i could not help my tears. it felt like a sin to be able to sit in a warm classroom… i really wish that the students and other individuals on the boat will no longer be cold.”

i feel the same way. today was a day where i felt extremely grateful and at the same time, a sinner… all day. 

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yixings personality says adopt puppies and save orphans with me but his dancing says ride my dick to russia and i dont know what to do its so distressing

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I rarely ever do this but she melts my heart. Poor little baby Hope was chained up, doused in kerosene and set on fire by her owner who has since been arrested. She may have some permanent eye damage but that is the least of her struggles. You can donate here to help with her medical expenses so she can receive the treatment she needs. Every little bit counts so even though they have surpassed their goal I still suggest you donate even a tiny amount. I have zero tolerance for people who hurt innocent animals they are just sick and disgusting. What could this precious little baby have done to deserve such a thing? All I can say is he will get his and I hope it’s just as painful for him as it is for her.


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So I’m telling my crush tomorrow that I like him and I’m going to ask him out…

…wish me luck

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can you believe that this kid is 24?

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